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hey, you knit that fast. It looks great on you! I wish I had a good hat head:(

carrie m

the news boy hat is a winner, and you certainly should feel free to say you look cute in it! cuz you do!

sorry about ms. marigold -- her and her loose ways!


Cute Newsboy! The color is perfect on you, and I love how your curls flow out below. Yay!

Speaking of frogging & yarn conservation - I have been organizing the stash today and am realizing, once again, that I have too much yarn. I'm getting rid of some of it! And, going through it all I have tons of ideas for projects...Not. Enough. Time!


You look "Beaufida" (Kendall's word for beautiful) in your newsboy hat...
Mommies cute


Lookin' good lady! I love that pattern...I've actually knit it one and a half times now!

Anne Marie

I am a gambler and don't really gauge swatch so much myslef. I say just knit Marigold...gauge swatched be damned!

And you have the cutest little parents, indeed!


cute hat!! i've loved seeing this made by several people now. each time it's just as cute..

and yeah, you have the sweetest looking parents :) looks like the weekend was fun for you!


Dude, you are HOT in that hat! And your parents are soooo cute.


that hat is adorable on you. i wish i could wear hats without looking like an idiot.


Cuuuuuuute hat. If I didn't look like a complete jackass in hats, I would totally make one of those, I've seen a bunch of them lately and they are adorable. And I LOVE your shirt.


You are right - tan is definitely a neutral, and you are also right that the hat looks adorable on you!! I love it ;)


oh i love those news boy caps and i think i am gonna make one for my mom.

love the shirt you were wearing.. gotta remember to stencil a tee like this when we have a baby.. *starts to dream* :))

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