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Ok, here's how it goes for crocheting onto knitting. I teach crochet for knitters at the lys. This is far easier than teaching crochet to someone just wanting to learn to crochet because you will have some fabric to hold onto instead of a skimpy chain. I suggest going to the lys and asking them what size hook you need and then if they are too busy to show you (they should be able to take a few minutes to show you, it's not that hard), get yourself a good reference book on knitting and it should have a section on crochet edges and that sort of thing. Sit down and study the diagrams. I use "The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques" by Nancie Wiseman pages 104-110. Basically you line up the parts of the garment to be attached, shove the hook in the stitches where it needs to go, yarn over the hook and bring the hook back thru the stitches, repeat in next stitches. When doing the sides of the garment you will go between the ridges. Too bad I'm in Ohio and you're in California. Good luck.


Howdy! I Just finished the front and back to my Cable Eight and am about to attempt to crochet the two darned things together myself. New territory for me. Never crocheted a single chain stitch. So if I find any useful tips on how to do this, I'll be sure to pass them along to yas.

And ditto on how cute you two are together!! :)


I love going to baseball games! They are lots of fun. We go to a local minor league team's games or to the Reds games. Great picture of you and hubby. You guys look so cute together. You won't believe this...I have that same scarf. Gap right? I have the matching hat too. I still wear it even with all my nice handknit stuff!

Still waiting for Grace... :)


I love baseball! Though, I have to admit that growing up I was an Angels fan, and we were taught to HATE the Dodgers. Ha! Now that I am in Seattle I do my duty by going to Mariners games, which are a total blast! When it rains they can close the roof - how sweet is that?! Even better, the Pyramid brewery and pub is right outside the stadium, so we pre-party in a microbrew beer garden. Heaven on a summer afternoon!

This post has lots of exclaimation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Of course baseball is fun! You don't need to tell me twice. I'm a huge Mets fan and I would talk about every single one of their game if it didn't put the majority of people who read my blog into a coma from sheer boredom.

Anyhoo, can't wait to see how the top turns out. I really took a liking to the top when I first saw it but then I noticed it had to be corcheted together and that made me sad. :( See? I can't crochet either. I should stop being a weinie and just teach myself. Oh well. . .some day. . .

Nice blog, by the way.


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