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hi skylar, thank you for the stitch markers and the beautiful card. i love the colours on them. ^_^


Skylar, you DO rock!!!
I LOVE the sweater and the bag!! Where did you find the bag pattern? That pink looks so pretty on you, and you did an amazing job :) I'm glad you posted on my blog because I'd lost you (now I found you) :)
Take care,


I have the same stash problem. I don't have a big stash of good yarn because I haven't been seriously knitting that long and because I tend to only buy yarn when I have a project planned for it and usually am so excited about a new project that I start immediately!

But I have a big stash of Red Heart and other acrylics that I bought a ton of when I first started knitting. Why did I do that? I've heard that a women's prison here in town takes donations, and I was thinking about making little blankets for the dogs' beds with some of it. I'm constantly finding them laying on my knitting projects if I leave them laying on the couch or bed so I thought they may like their own little knit blanket.


go skylar! nothing like a simultaneous busting of ass and stash :)


you should see my pile of yarn! It's everywhere, in the closet, under the bed, in bags, in special trunks bought on sale to keep the yarn in and still, I must have more. I am also in the process of making it go the way of the needle, form itself into something cute, or pretty or wonderful or funky. I have at this time several pieces finished, not exactly wearable but, I DID IT. Eventually I know, I will create a masterpiece and until that day you will find me knitting away.


Ha! I too break down and buy fast-food-yarn way too often. It's so cheap, it's often on sale! And then when it's time to knit I pick up the nicer stuff, and the pile of acrylic grows...


Oooh girl! You get down with your bad self! I have every confidence that you will bust your stash and your ass! Me, well, I just broke down and put another order into Knit Picks - dangerous yarn pushers!

I finished cutting out all of the fabric pieces for your coin purse - it's going to be so cute! I have to spend some time tonight working on my mom's Branching Out, but I'll get back to your coin purse tomorrow. Fun!

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