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Skylar, the pattern of the sweater on my blog is from an old issue of a Japanese magazine called RichMore Best Eyes Collection. I can't remember the Vol No right now, but if you would like, I can check it at home. By the way, those are lovely colours on the shawl and Mr W and you are such a good-looking couple!


Your cats are beautiful!! Your blog was fun to read since I have made some of the same things you have. Button Hole Bag: just posted it, Cable 8 top: drying and I will post it when I have time. Your Cable 8 top turned out beautifully by the way.


Yay for stashbusting! That color of Homespun is really pretty. Your sister will love it, and I hope it brings her comfort in a bad time.

Hehehe on the "secret" project. Like we can't figure that out. Dropping stitches is a lot of fun, and you'll love it once it's done. It's a fun pattern and easy, especially once you get the hang of things.

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