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Hey Skylar,
I'm tagging you for the book meme! Just copy and paste the questions from my blog to yours (if you want, of course). Great stitch markers :)



OMG, I am madly in love with the sock yarn. I just dashed over to KnitPixie because I must order it. It's out of stock but I hope they get it in really soon. The colors are so me!


Yea, Skylar, I'm so happy you like them! I'm fairly new at beading stuff, so I don't really have a good technique down yet, but I saw that you liked red and pink so I just thought I'd make some up for you. Hope you can put them to good use (looks like you are already!)! Good job on your sock -- it looks great!


Well, I just have to agree, that sock yarn is just fab. It actually makes me want to go buy a bag of jolly ranchers...yum! Oh how sweet those stitch markers are. My friend Joy gave me a set of beautiful red beaded ones for Christmas and I'm just crazy about 'em. By the way love your blog, and you Miss Lady are too cute!

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