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I hope you had a wonderful, romantic weekend! As a woman about to begin the strange journey into marriage, I hope to maintain the level of love and excitement that is still in your relationship. Great choice on Laguna Beach, BTW - I love it there.

Did you bring your knitting?! I hope so!

I haven't even turned the heel of my sock yet - I can barely type, let alone knit, because my arms are so tweaked from weeding this weekend. I am going to post pictures on my blog - that's the magnitude and scope of this weeding project. Anyhow, I'm using DPN's, but I hope to learn the 2-circ method (magic-loop, right?) for the next one. Using these dang DPN's is like wrestling a stiff-legged octopus, and I'm mostly losing.


Congratulations on your anniversary! I hope you have a great trip.

p.s. bring your knitting


Bring your knitting. Mr. Wonderful loves you for all you are and all you do.....knitting included. If time allows you'll knit, if not you won't. Take it from a gal who has been married 10 years.

Happy Anniversary!!!


I hope you two have a great time!!
I don't think its a bad thing to bring your knitting; You will likely have some down time here and there when you can knit a few rows.

:) Tere


Have fun!!! Have love!!! Have knitting!!!

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