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Thanks for the info on Knitpixie and sock yarn! I'll check it out. I responded to the tag. I love to read! I haven't read Little Earthquakes yet but have read Mr. Maybe. I didn't like it as much as Jane Green's other books but it was okay! I read mostly fluff books since I don't feel the need to tax my mind too much after a long, tiring day, most days!


Little Earthquakes is a fabulous book. If you haven't already read them try the books by Marian Keyes. All her books are great!


Here is a link to the definition of "meme."

Some people write "meme" as "MeMe" because when you do one, you're usually talking all about yourself.

When I first heard of memes, I didn't know what the heck it was either, so I did some research - it's the English degree in me!

Take care, and as always, Happy Knitting!

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