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The sock is adorable! When I read the first sentence I thought it was going to be another cute post about your husband.


great job! I'm in the midst of knitting my first sock. I have to admit that I'm a little scared about turning the heel. I can only hope my socks looks as good as yours!



You are so right about these being Strawberry Shortcake socks. I had a SS too and I loved her so much. She smelled like strawberries for soooo long. Sometimes I go to Target and think about buying a new SS doll. Awwww...


My sock (turned the heel last night!) is jealous and inferior of/to your sock. I love the way the stripes came out! And the colors! Reminds me of my Strawberry Shortcake doll (she actually smelled like strawberries!). I'll try to finish my sock today and post pics tonight. Now cast on quick, before the other one gets away!


AAAHHHHH! It's a sock! A gorgeous, bright stripey sock! I love it.

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