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I am a huge Harry Potter fan, so I was so happy to see that cute pic with the glasses! I got some of those too! :)

Love the Lelah in orange! That is so pretty!

carrie m

your lelah top is absolutely to die for. and in ORANGE! such a lovely choice. it such a really flattering top on you.

and how much do i want nachos right now?


Hi Skylar!
Wow, your top looks AWESOME. I love the orange :) Thanks for your sweet comments, too--I felt better right away knowing I wasn't the only one who's felt that way at work. I would love to have a job I liked (or even loved) one day...

Take care,



Hah! I skipped snb this week to finish the book, so sad, I got a little teary at the end. Have you finished yet?

Love the top! I really liked that yarn, I have a few random balls in the stash. Too bad they discontinued it.



Loving your new top! It's so cute! I love the HP glasses pic too!

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