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I'm just catching up on blog reading after some pretty crazy past few weeks. I feel the same way about our group and (even though I'm only a part timer) I am glad that you and your mom started coming. I love that we are from so many different walks of life and stages in life and we have so much in common as well as so much different about us. It really allows us to grow as people (if not knitters).


I love you too Skylar!!
(Woah, maybe that's the wine talking...)
I couldn't agree with you more. I think our group is the most wonderful thing about my life in Southern California. I have met the most interesting people and had the most interesting conversations...and you're a big part of that. I think it brings out the best in me too.
Anyway, you are an incredibly talented knitter and you're smart and fun too and I can't wait to read the next HP with you Friday night!

See! I told you I would stop stalking you!

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