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I am so behind the times commenting on this post like a whole week later. But it should be the Summer of Skylar! I vote for it. (Did I spell your name right?) I would be so scared every day if that happened to my husband so I'm not suprised you're having trouble getting over that. It would freak me out. I have trouble accepting myself as well and trying to stick to a fitness routine. Its definitely work. Hope everything goes well! :)


Good for you Sky!!! I think you guys make a great couple. You compliment each other very well, I feel bad that you are just realizing this. Hopefully this realization will help you excel in your strengths, remember a clean house is a happy house, and it probably wouldnt hurt to focus a bit more on some cooking. Mr. W tells me he gets bored of the same meals ALL the time.


Good for you! It can be so hard to devote so much of your heart and mind to caring for and about someone else, and I'm sure all that fear was absolutely draining. I can't wait to read more about the year of you!


Nothing wrong with wanting the year to be about you :)

Quick question for you...I'm still trying to chose the yarn for your socks. I have something in mind that I would love to use. I don't want to give anything away but it does have a color you said you like (and it's bright) and doesn't have any of the colors you listed as dislikes. It does, however, have some grey and black. Not everyboody likes that though so before I get going with these babies I wanted to touch base with you. I have another yarn to use if this one doesn't sound good. So what do you think?


You really do have to start taking care of yourself first, putting yourself first, so you will be stronger and more capable for the others who depend upon you. This seems like the time for you to go for it and focus on what you want and need. You proved your strengh for your husband by being there when you were needed. Now it's time to become even more capable.


I'm glad you are coming to a place where you can accept and love yourself...It can be a battle but I know you'll win! You've proved you are an amazing caregiver but now it's time to take care of yourself. You deserve YOU time!


Good for you. Sometimes we can be a bigger help to our husbands by putting ourselves first. We make better partners when we remember we are whole people too. And who knows maybe putting you up at the top of your to do list will help you settle back into your life without so much anxiety and worry.

A few years ago my hubby had a health scare requiring the biopsy of his kidney and I was a worry wart for months after. I know where you are coming from and it does get better.....


First off, I am so glad that Mr W is healthy and doing well... I can only imagine what that experience must have been like. Congrats on sticking to the workout - it's a tough thing to do - and for making this year about YOU!


I wish you the very best for this 2006 year. I can't fully relate to your personal experiences, but last year was a bit of a trying year for us too. This year has started out wondefully and I know it will only get better. . . again, all the best to you, it's ok if it's all about you! ;)

Anne Marie

I wish you the best in the Year of You! I'm sorry that you worry about Mr. Wonderful so much. It's difficult to not to worry, but it sounds like you are trying to focus your energy on something really!


yep, i agree with carrie. everybody just has to be the best that they can be and not gauge our actions or behaviors by other people's standards. that was a big realization for me too about 6 years ago. coming up from that hole is an eye opening experience, and let me tell you, you enjoy yourself and your life a whole lot more witout all those feelings of guilt and self-loathing.

i'm glad to hear that mr. wonderful is still doing well! 2005 is behind you. may 2006 be merry, exciting, and all about you!

carrie m

oh hon, i had no idea that happened to you. i can't imagine how frightened you were, and i hope he remains well.

and i know what you mean about accepting yourself but trying to improve. i always say that i'm just trying to be the best carrie, whatever that means.

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