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Glad to see you are back...I've been away myself for a little bit...but when I start up again I realize how much I enjoy it!

Anne Marie

Sorry to hear about your BIL. Grieving is more difficult in situations where your relationship wasn't A+ at the end. I'm sorry. I hope your sister is okay too.


You never lost me! Glad to hear you are back and I completely understand what you are saying about mourning the person as they were long ago. It is something that stays with a person long after that person is gone. I will be thinking of your family and sending postive thoughts.


Glad you made it back safely! The sweater is beautiful and so is the Lelay tank top with green ribbon you made. I am so impressed! Take care of you and as always you, Grammy, Paw Paw Jackson, Mr. Wonderful, and the kitties are in my thoughts and prayers.


I am sorry that I am so late in getting over here! Thank you so much for your words about my weight loss journey!! You are so kind!!

LOVE the little buttons on the cardigan!

carrie m

hey miss,
i hope you and your sis are doing better. it sounds like a tough time all around.

thanks for the kind comments about my electricity situation -- it's gone off completely, but i'm keeping my head up!


Hi! You gained a reader! :)
I just found your blog a few days ago ... so your absence has been short ... kind of like my momentary lapses of reason (although short, they're frequent).


The Beatrix Potter buttons made a beautiful sweater even better! I'll have to remember to be clever with the buttons when knitting objects for children.

Your Jaywalkers are coming along beautifully! I just finished my first pair of them this month & I also knit them both at the same time. If I didn't, I'd have a bunch of single socks hanging around!


I forgot...super cute sweater for Jake. I love the buttons. Where's my tube sweater? And can Abigail get some love? Some people..I tell you.


Stop goofing off at work and posting blogs and you won't lose your stuff! Ha ha ha...just kidding. You know I loves you. Glad you are home safe & sound, and we will chat soon.


Hi Lady! The gods were smiling on the ship's internet today, so I could catch up on your blog! I have been out of the loop out here. Great job on the sweater! It turned out so well - the button band looks perfect! Maybe I should try a baby cardi before I try one for myself...

Glad to read you again!


Welcome Back! What an adorable sweater... I love Beatrix Potter. I still have my BP tea set from my childhood! I wish you all the best while your family heals during this difficult time.


i'm so glad to see that you're back and back at the blog! i know that mourning is a tough thing. but it sounds like you're handling it well. keep at it darling. i know that everything will clear up soon.


I was so excited to see a new post from you today. YAY! You're back!

I can honestly say I know EXACTLY what you mean about mourning be a complex thing, especially the statement about mourning the way someone used to be. I went through that not too long ago myself. I will keep you, your sister, and her family in my prayers.

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