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Yahooo for crocs! People stare at me like I'm a weirdo when I wear them (maybe because they're lime green) but I love them no less!


Oooh Razor Cami! I think that color will look great on you!


Woo hoo for the Ballband Dishcloth and for stash-busting! Looks like a great start to the cami - looking forward to seeing more.

Also Crocs - LOVE THEM. I have three pairs b/c the cats keep eating the strap, but they all have jobs (dirty gardening, plant watering, leaving the house, etc.).


Nope - I still don't have 'em, but I almost caved and bought a pair the other day. If I keep seeing razor camis out there I'm going to be forced to make one!


You know, I was just thinking about dishclothes :O) I was thinking about xmas presents and though this would be the perfect gift for a friend of mine but I was disenchanted with all the patterns I saw, but now.....I am thinking this Mason Dixon Knitting book might be next on the list so that I can make these dishclothes and the log cabin blankets

carrie m

i guess we all have razor cami fever round here! isn't it a great little pattern?

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