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I loved making my entrelac...turning back and forth was annoying, but the result was worth it!


I have the same scarf languishing in the naughty corner. I may have to wip the bad boy back out =)


Skylar, that scarf is lovely! I love that color combo. Lucky ISE, that.

I keep forgetting to tell you that I'm in east LA (you asked in one of my comments), so kind of far away from Long Beach. But maybe no too far if I hop down there to check out yarn stores some time (or vice-versa!).
xox, J

carrie m

wow i give you SO MUCH credit. the finished product is gorgeous, but that had to be tough. i'm giving you a virtual standing ovation.


Love your self-portrait! The scarf is not bad either!


Love the scarf! Nice job.


Yes! You did it! And it turned out gorgeous, m'dear. Kudos to you for sticking it out when most others would have tossed that thing on the UFO pile. Are you ready to cast on for the cardi? I'm wavering...


That is one gorgeous scarf. I love it! In spite of your warning, now I want to make one for myself! And your colors are really compelling. Yea, finished!


wahoo! it's finally done! yeah, entrelac is cool but you've really gotta love picking up stitches in order to do one. your pal is gonna love it.

i saw that sweater on your flickr account. so pretty!


I love the look of entrelac, and I have not tried it yet... but I really want to! What a grat scarf, Sky. Your pal will undoubtedly love it ;)


Congrats on finishing...I love the colors and is well worth the blood, sweat and tears involved. But on to bigger and better things with that cardi :O)


Your hair is super dark!! LOVE IT! The scarf is super cute...ummm summer is over I never got my tube top. You officially suck ass. I still love you...I guess.



SO pretty. Send it to me instead. ;)

I was thinking about making one for myself...but you know, I wasn't thinking about it THAT hard, and you kinda just talked me out of it, which is probably a good thing. I have visions of starting it and seeing it flying across the living room while I shout expletives.

That sweater is BEEYOOTEEFUL.


Great picture Skylar--and awesome scarf! I haven't tried enterlac yet, totally cool!


very nice! i'm sure your pal will love it. i've never done entrelac - it seems complicated, but the result is beautiful.

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