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i can get you a job in chicago, any interest? the weather is nice this time of year


yes, i _am_ jealous about the fruit loops. :) good luck with your career change. i am contemplating one too and i am convinced that it can be done.


Hey Lady! I think you should do it--don't tell anyone but I'm about to too!


Yeah, it sucks when you realize that your job is sucking the life out of you. When you are in a slump like this there is often not way to get out except just leaving. Good luck with whatever you do, people have done it before so don't sweat it too much.


I am in your same boat and yes, it's tough. My advise? Spend a lot of time sweating over the resume and START INTERVIEWING, even if it's for jobs you really don't want. You never know who you will meet and what opportunity they might have for you. Also, remember this phrase: TRANSFERABLE SKILLS. It will save your life.
Good luck. To both of us.


Knowledge? Experience? Education? You need these things for a job? Pshaw. It's all about who you know. You can do anything you put your mind to, girl. You'll be GREAT at whatever it is you decide to do.

I'm totally stealing this from's been one of those weeks here at work, and this is just what I need to help me refocus.


good luck! changing careers and jobs is tough, but i've seen it become worthwhile for many folks :)

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