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Really lovin your colors in the Danica. Thanks for the link - I'm always up for a challenge.


Your cami looks cute from here! Sorry the stretchy bits got stretched. I've used that yarn before, and it is a grower.

carrie m

you always make me laugh out loud, and this post was no different. i'm sorry that you don't love the cami -- it looks so shiny from here! and that entrelac scarf will be adored by the recipient, whenever she gets it.


Oh, and how are you liking Rome? We can't wait for next season, it was great. It brought up lots of conversations between the huz and I about the pre-Christian morality. Made me think about the world today, how you can't apply "our" rules to people who's laws aren't based on Christianity, because they don't have the same background that we do in the US. Anyway, that's one of the interesting things that we got out of watching the show.


On the scarf, have you tried knitting back backwards? Then you don't have to turn around after each little bit. It makes things go so much faster. With your left handed-ness, it might make you fly! You could throw going backward and continental going forward.


The colors of the scarf are great but I agree, I don't think I could ever get into entrelac with all that fiddly stitch picking-up.


There you are! and what a cute cami! thankfully you live in such a warm place - that cami would probably be retired for winter here!

Don't sweat it with the sock knitting! There is always next year! ;)



Ahh...I am sorry to hear the Cami didn't come out as planned but the wash will work (fingers crossed). The Danica is coming out nice. It is on my list of knits but the list keeps getting longer so who knows when I will get to it. Good luck on the progress.


love that scarf! i hate picking up stitches too so i doubt i will ever get into entrelac :)


YAY! A post! I've missed you!

If it makes you feel any better about picking and stitches and weaving in ends, Danica looks stunning. The color combo is killer.

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