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Welcome back sweetie! Missed ya! (And I totally dig the hamburger dress too!)

carrie m

so how does peer trainer work? i use, where i can type in what i eat and keep track of my exercise. it's just hard to do that EVERY DAY, you know?


You ARE alive! YAY!

Inspired you? really? I'm blushing.

That dress is soooo cool.


Is it really you? :)
I am glad I get to see you on PeerTrainer too!


You are back! I am soooooo HAAAAAAPPPPPYYYYY!! I've missed you, darlin'! That hamburger dress is hysterical. I don't have big enough "sesame seeds" to hold up the "bun" though - so sad.

*cough* of Camellia...*cough*

Love ya!!

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