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Happy belated birthday! I put up a review of The Secret Meditation for you to check out. Have a blast in Tahiti!!! How cool is that??

carrie m

happy happy happy birthday!


Happy BURFDAY to my FAVORITE bad ass biatch! I am so jealous that you are going to Tahiti next month, but I will rub it in when I go to Puerto Rico in September! Hee hee. Hope that you had a wonderful bday and it was all you wished/hoped for. I am glad you are back's about DAMN TIME. I was about to REMOVE you from my "Camille's Favorite Blogs" list. Love you mucho!!!


Happy happy birthday - that's the best present EVER!!


Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your wonderful gift :)


Happy 29th! Mr. Wonderful shines again with a CLUTCH birthday gift! Relax and have a few extra adult beverages for me....


Congratulations on reaching your late late 20's only one more year to the big 3-0 which isn't that bad afterall.

Man I hate you (read: green with envy)!!! Tahiti!!!! Damn I need to find a man, and then train him to be like Mr. Wonderful :O)

Congrats again


Happy Birthday Sweetie! Tahiti sounds a-mazing...maybe your next vacation can be to a dude ranch in Wyoming!


Happy birthday, love!

Awww, how nice of Mr. Wonderful to buy you and I tickets to Tahiti! When are you coming to pick me up??


Happy Birthday,
Tahiti, what an awesome gift. Take care

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