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Mary Helen

I totally relate to the ocean thing - I've been in the water from babyhood and am a total ocean worshipper - but put me in open water without a mask or goggles and I will freak out.


Love your 7 random things! Can't wait to see some Hawaii pics!! Lucky girl!

Sandra D.

I agree with the ocean thing. Every time I get in all I think of is what is swimming, wiggling, growing, getting ready to nibble, near my feet. I adore going to sleep and I too have the ability to pick things up with my toes.
Oh, and interestingly...I change how I speak as well. I pick up accents very fast and mirror others speech patterns.
whadoyaknow? S.


The ocean is a scary place ~ who knows WHAT is down there, so that makes perfect sense.

Um, it's a good thing you can't see my toes right now, you'd be devistated.


I didn't manage to do any knitting on vacation either - I'm just glad I didn't drag a whole sweater's worth of yarn around with me this time. (I tend to get a little overambitious when packing.)

carrie m

wow, words of wisdom from colie! just don't take any other advice from her, mmkay?

now get back to knitting!


i'm the same way about the ocean. i have an irrational fear of drowning when i know that i'm a pretty good swimmer. big waves also make me really nervous. i like it when it's nice and calm.


Hey, we just got back from Hawaii, too! Which island?
I am laughing, because I'm a horrible swimmer and I hit the surf like it's nobody's business. We boogie-boarded, but next time, I am taking surf lessons! Also, because of all that beach time, my lovely pedicure looked like crap halfway through the trip & guess what?? I did NOTHING about it until today. lol

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