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Yeah, progress shots!! Can't wait to see the finished Flair...hint hint :O)

Ohhh, the puppy is so cute. probably like to bite you because you are so sweet! do dogs like chocolate? :O)


Congratulations on the smooth escape from the job and good luck with the search!


Those vacation photos are gorgeous. Some day I WILL visit Hawaii ~ it's just so FAR. ('Course, I'm going to Greece, what am I saying?)

That pup is to die for cute. Nice work on the jaywalkers (I never finished my second).


Woo-hoo!! Love the socks, the puppy, & the Hawaii pics...sending you positive get a awesome job energy your way!!


Hey girl! Huzzah is right! What is it with big ol' life changes recently?! Between you and me, I think we have it all covered.

Oooh - I should put a progress shot of my 1.25 Jaywalkers - we're at about the same spot. Maybe we can KAL with each other to the finish (but I have to confess that I am obsessing over my affair with crochet at the moment).

OMG - Molly! Cute cute cute! I showed the picture to Johnny, and now he's got a big ol' Chihuahua crush on her. ;)

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