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crochet secrets

It is certainly great to know that you found the source of your problems and were able to fix it with your doctor. Hopefully things will be looking up now. A new house, new job! New year,, too!


what a relief you figured out it was the medicine!

carrie m

hey, just checking in to see how you are doing! feeling better? liking the job?


It's great that you found the source of your problems and were able to fix it with your doc. Hopefully things will be looking up now. A new house, new job! So exciting!


I wish somebody would come up with "being overly happy" as a side effect. Nevermind, they already did, it is called Zolof...

Glad you are better!


Congrats on the house and the new job!

Glad to see you back up and running, lady!! ;)


{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} So glad to see that you posted...I hear you...maybe it is this time of year or something...transitions are always hard, but the outcomes are wonderful :)


So glad you are back with all your fantastic wit and expressiveness! Blog surfing just isn't the same without you.

Congrats on the house! I want to send you a fabulous Costa Rican housewarming gift.

I also wanted to thank you again for the invitation to your SnB when I was out in California. For non-Topomax related reasons I can't find the words to express how much that evening meant to me. The recent death in my family coupled with looming surgeries and other terminally ill family members was weighing me down. The evening gave me a few precious hours to feel free and light. Thanks again to you and all the wonderful ladies at SnB Long Beach.


OMG, I'm glad you found out that you were experiencing a side effect and could fix it. That must have been kind of scary. I hope you stay clear headed and keep posting because I have missed you terribly. And that your headaches stay away too. Congrats on the house!


Welcome back! How many levels of good fortune are you experiencing at once? Job, home, love, health... wonderful. Enjoy!


Yeah you back!!! Congrats on the new med reduction, job and house!!! What a combo :O) Can't wait to see you back at SnB


Uh! Side effects! I once took a pain medication and couldn't stop crying for 8 hours! It's good you're getting off it and getting your life on a new exciting track!


you're back! wow, sounds like the migraine drugs really did steal your mojo, huh? it's amazing how you can sometimes go so long on a drug and never think about the side effects of it if it's doing its job. always a tough one. congrats on the new job and house!


Oh lady! I've missed you and I am SO glad that you are back! I can't believe it - side effects so subtle and insidious that your will to write and knit were gone. That's some crazy shit. Thank goodness you had the good intuition to check into the meds. Many hearty congrats on the new job and the new home!!


I am so happy to hear things are turning around for you. Sucky that you had to go through the not-fun stuff, but it sounds like you are in a really good place right now. I've missed ya.

Your new jobs sounds AWESOME. :)

By the and the Mr. up for doin' dinner with me and B when we come out there in November? Or, you know, you and I could just go roll around in some yarn or something.

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